WinWorld has been involved in the Australian Agricultural Industry since 2009.  Its chief focus is identifying export markets for Australian produce and either manufacturing the produce itself, or helping clients to market their produce to meet the export market opportunity.  WinWorld has a current product range across wine, dairy, meat, olive oil, honey, fruits, nuts, grains and natural bottled water.


WinWorld is now developing a system to assist Australian farmers increase profits and, through its contacts, attract much needed investment into the sector. The WinWorld system creates an improved agricultural sector for Australia via attracting higher prices for farmers and ‘product managing’ the produce from farm gate to retailer.  State and provincial parliaments in Australia and China have recognised the potential of the WinWorld system and this has led to a number of exciting government backed projects between the two countries.


WinWorld was acknowledged as one of the “Fastest-Starter” by BRW in 2013.



WinWorld is creating an enterprise that will thrive over a hundred years.  The foundation of this philosophy is to adapt to an ever-changing market and business environment.  WinWorld will secure its future on continuous innovation and improvement, long term relationships with honourable partners, and investment in market research and product development to deliver what the market demands.




To create a sustainable industry model that increases profitability throughout the entire Australian Agricultural sector.




WinWorld will realise its vision through the achievement of the below goals:

• Use the power of market and technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of the Australian agricultural supply chain to deliver the right products at the right price at the right time to the market.

• To improve the efficiencies of individual farms through access to technology and best practices.

• To enable farm owners to access investment funds through WinWorld’s network of agricultural-based investors. 




WinWorld has established the foundations on which it will build a hundred year enterprise and to deliver on the Vision and Goals it has set.  WinWorld’s foundations of success are:



Product Development–The key to WinWorld’s success to date has been its ability to identify market opportunities and to develop products to meet the opportunity.  WinWorld invests heavily in product development and the marketing of the new product lines to ensure WinWorld is the first to market and market leader in the chosen product categories.


Traceability Technology – Traceability of agricultural produce has been increasingly sought by the market over the last decade.  The Platform developed by WinWorld enables it provide retailers full traceability of the produce to the point of origin. 


Health Focused Offering – The significant rise of the health-focused consumer market requires producers to offer good quality produce with health benefits.  WinWorld owns (not sure of meaning of remainder of sentence).  WinWorld’s traceability technology isan additional benefit to this market.


Future Ready – WinWorld is adopting technology as an integral part of business operations.  The internet, Big Data and data integration are being employed to track market dynamics to better understand the market.  Communication technology linking WinWorld to both the market and suppliers will assist in delivering a tight and efficient link between the farm-gate to table.  The result is a highly responsive and efficient system that shortens the supply chain and the time from market need to market fulfilment. 

In the future the WinWorld system will enable it to integrate with smart home technology and similar technologies to further increase the usability and efficiency of the system.


Farm-Gate to Table


Provides best Australian Nature food – WinWorld’s unique system enables it to deliver high-quality Australian produce to international markets.  WinWorld is the manager and responsible for the product from farm gate through to it reaches the retailer.  This gives WinWorld control of the product, product processing, and product transport throughout the entire journey.  WinWorld is guardian of the product and quality control.  WinWorld’s ability to deliver quality product to the market will enable it to enter the premium product markets, and establish new markets for premium Australian produce.


Supply Chain Efficiency – WinWorld has partnered with well renowned logistics solution providers and distributors to drastically shorten the supply chain.  The majority of the cost savings are redirected back to the farms to encourage ongoing relationships with WinWorld.


Industry Affiliation – WinWorld encourages collaboration with all parties involved in the agricultural sector.  WinWorld exists to further enhance the profitability throughout the sector and encourages discussions on how this can be best achieved.


Establishing a New Agricultural Industry Model – By reorganising the relationships between farms, manufacturing plants, trading and logistics, distribution, retail and financial investment, a new world of possibilities can be realised.  The dismantling of the traditional ‘line shaped’ supply chain and replaced with the WinWorld ‘product benefactor’ model effectively brings the producer and the market closer, creating enormous efficiencies with savings directed back into the farms to invest in technologies to further increase efficiencies.  The result is a self-perpetuating model that feeds off its own efficiencies and creates a stronger healthier industry.