WinWorld Australia Pty Ltd adheres to the belief that being a good corporate citizen is not only good for the people and companies we deal with, but also to the greater community.  WinWorld pledges to act in an honourable and responsible manner in all aspect of its business.  In particular WinWorld will strive in its business practices to deliver on the following commitments:


Our Commitment to Australian Farmers – WinWorld will strive to increase the profitability and viability of Australian farms.  This will be achieved through offering Australian farmers a higher than standard market price for their produce.  WinWorld will work to find new markets for Australian produce and seek to identify new international markets for premium Australian produce.


WinWorld will assist farmers plan future operations to optimise profit potential through delivering real-time market feedback.  This is possible due to WinWorld’s control of the produce from farm-gate to retailer.


WinWorld will seek suitable investment partners for Australian agricultural enterprises.


Our Commitment to the Environment – WinWorld is driven to creating a healthier world through collaboration and knowledge sharing agreements between trading partners.  WinWorld recognises the cornerstone of a strong agricultural industry is a pure and stable environment.


WinWorld is committed to sustainable business practices and has implemented policies across all facets of its business to achieve a positive environmental impact. 


  • WinWorld’s condensing of the traditional Chinese distribution channel reduces the amount of carbon emissions per kilogram of produce through greatly limiting the amount of transport required.
  • WinWorld carefully manages the environmental impact of its business operations through a series of internal programs.   WinWorld operates a corporate office in Melbourne, with satellite offices in Sydney and Brisbane.  WinWorld has implemented an environmental reporting system that assessing the usage rates of the business in energy, carbon, water and paper.  Environmental targets are set in each of these areas and performance is measured and reviewed on a quarterly basis. Travel is a major aspect of the business operations.  Where possible, WinWorld chooses carriers that have implemented strong environmental policies. 
  • WinWorld works with farms to achieve environmentally sustainable farming practices.  The acquired knowledge is used to create an Environmental Best Practice model for farm operations.  WinWorld assists farms to transition to Best Practice by attracting ethical investment into participating farms.
  • WinWorld will introduce the Environmental Best Practice model to other agricultural based countries with a view to creating a global sustainable farming community.


Our Commitment to the End Consumer - WinWorld is committed to supplying high quality products at competitive prices to deliver real value to customers.  All products are high in nutritional value and sourced from Australian farms implementing environmental best practices.


WinWorld’s control of the supply chain enables it to monitor production and distribution costs, and to implement quality control checks at each stage of the process from farm-gate to table to ensure customers receive the best quality product.


WinWorld provides a transparent system enabling the end-customer the ability to trace the produce back to its origin in Australia. This provides customers peace of mind that the food their eating is of the highest quality and of reputable origin.