WinWorld Australia has recently launched its Nourifarm Direct Platform to assist Australian farmers looking to sell their produce internationally.

Says WinWorld Managing Director George Wang, “ We want to support Australian farmers to gain traction in international markets, and help them maximise their returns on export sales, by managing and streamlining the supply-chain from farm gate to table.”

The Nourifarm Direct Platform is set to significantly reduce export costs, increase quality and affordability of Australian agri-products abroad, and protect produce by managing the entire supply chain on behalf of farmers. In a partnership with Australia Post, WinWorld will provide a monitored logistics solution into China, utilising the company’s credibility and vast experience. Applying Australian standards of food transportation to third-party transport providers (including China Post), Nourifarm Direct will ensure that Australian produce maintains its quality and reliability under the watchful eye of a trusted Australian organisation.

According to Wang, current export models typically see several companies employed along the supply chain to distribute Australian agri-products overseas. The impact is twofold: not only can it substantially erode potential returns for Australian farmers, it also makes Australian exports less attractive in international markets like China where they are competing against countries offering the same products at considerably cheaper prices.

 “Australian produce is held in high esteem in Asian markets, but Australian exporters have often struggled to gain a strong foothold in them because of high pricing. By taking control of the end-to-end process, we will eliminate the middle suppliers that eat into Australian farmers’ hip pocket,” Wang says.

Unlike the standard distribution model where ownership of produce will change multiple times whilst travelling from Australian farms to Chinese retailers, with each owner seeking a profit; the Nourifarm Direct Platform will reduce the number of times product changes hands throughout the journey, taking responsibility for the entire supply chain to reduce inflation for consumers and deliver a higher return to producers. Nourifarm Direct will also increase quality assurance of export produce and ensure the integrity of Australian produce is retained once it enters the Chinese market, increasing the demand and maintaining costs at a competitive price.  

Wang provides an example; “in the worst cases, carriers employed to transport milk may also be used to transport of a variety of products, from bricks to furniture, and this can create safety issues as these carriers are not optimised for the transport of produce. Our Platform will avoid these safety risks by employing carriers specifically designed for, and designated to, the soul transport of produce and agri-products”.

With the average age of Australian Farmers nearing 60*, Nourifarm Direct also wants to increase the longevity of Australian Agriculture by creating a more profitable, efficient and viable model to attract younger farmers into the industry. 

Revolutionising the way Australian farmers do business with China, the Nourifarm Direct Platform will provide market intelligence to producers about overseas conditions, aiding product development and encouraging greater strategic investment. 

Wang also believes that the resources saved by using the Nourifarm Direct Platform could be redirected into facilitating funding for researching and developing of new technologies, and training for new farmers.  

 “We’re passionate about Australia’s farming history and through Nourifarm Direct, we want to ensure it remains a strong and viable source of income for future generations of farners,” George says.

WinWorld Australia has already signed an MOU with Pactum Dairy Group and has the full support of Federal and State Governments, who view the Platform as an exciting and important step for Australian agricultural export. In October 2014, the Nourifarm Direct Platform will deliver its debut shipment of UHT long life milk to China, and will be delivering fruits and nuts, bee products, water, cereals, olive oil, meat and wine by February 2015. After February 2015 WinWorld’s Nourifarm Direct Platform will be available to all sectors of the Australian agricultural industry. 

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*Australian Bureau of Statistics 


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October 2014