The Australian tree nut industry is rapidly expanding. The long lead times from planting to bearing have hidden this expansion from production and export statistics to date. With the level of production now becoming significant however, it is time to ensure that maximum market opportunities are available for this emerging sector of Australian Agriculture.

Nuts are efficient users of water with a high dollar return for each megalitre of water used. A dogged focus on managing climate, the high level of skills and ability of growers and the relative freedom from disease gives the Australian nut industry an advantage over its international competitors. (Australian Nut Industry Council 2011) 



Additional production from new tree nut orchards will generate an industry approaching $1billion farm gate value by 2020. Exports will rise to $750 million per annum.



Current Australian nut production is expected to have a value of $725 million from the 2012 season. This represents a 50% increase in the last 5 years. Despite an expanding domestic market, most of that new production will be exported. Exports are projected to be valued at about $750 million by 2020. (Australian Nut industry Council 2011)


Sources: Australian Nut Council as published on the website