The Australian Olive Industry is small developing industry comprised of many small boutique operators.  Australian olives are considered to be of a high standard and Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is regarded as among the finest in the world.  


Domestic and export market conditions remain difficult for olive producers in spite of improving exchange rates.  The Australian dollar has decreased significantly in value against the Euro, thereby making imported olive products correspondingly dearer, and applying upward pressure on domestic wholesale prices.  Olive Oil in particular has experienced sharp rises in price over the past five years.



China remains a growing market for Australian Olive Oil.  The main issue identified in dealing with China for olive producers is the inherent risk in doing business in China.



Australian table olive production for the 2013 season is estimated at 2,500 tonne, with a Gross Value of Production (GVP) est. at A$7.5 million.  Although a good production year, table olive production was down reflecting local seasonal conditions in some regions, and the closure of the largest table olive processor in New South Wales.


Source: Australian Olive Association as published on the website